Spotter Alert: Dublin Airport to build aircraft observation deck

Martin Romero

The Dublin International Airport will build an area for aircraft observation: this structure will benefit aviation enthusiasts, providing them with a better vantage point for watching takeoffs and landings.

The new aircraft observation platform will be located where the current “The Mound” lookout stands, on the south side of Old Airport Rd. From this spot, aviation enthusiasts and spotters will have a clear view of operations on runways 10R/28L and 16/34.

The new spotting point will feature parking for 22 vehicles, including two family-sized bays, larger than the rest, and one designated for people with reduced mobility.

Additionally, it will be fully illuminated, with power supplied by solar panels installed on-site.

Gary McLean, General Manager of Dublin Airport, stated, “Aircraft observation facilities are a feature of airports worldwide. Besides providing a platform for plane spotting, these facilities also create an interface between the airport and the local community, helping aviation enthusiasts connect with the airport by watching aircraft movements and airport operations.”

“This spot has been an informal plane spotting area for the past 40 years, and we believe it’s time to create a more formal facility. For Dublin’s children, it’s a rite of passage to go to ‘The Mound’ to watch planes take off and land. This new facility will make it safer and more enjoyable for users, and we believe it is a facility the local community will appreciate,” he added.

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