Estuardo Ortiz - CEO de JetSMART

JetSMART Appeals Avianca-Viva Integration and Claims for Fair Competition in Colombia

Pablo Díaz (diazpez)

Low-cost airline JetSMART has filed an appeal against the conditions imposed by Colombia’s civil aviation authority, Aerocivil, on the integration ...

Avianca Partially Accepts Viva Air Integration, Asks to Expedite the Process

Pablo Díaz (diazpez)

Avianca has partially accepted the conditions imposed by Aerocivil to integrate with Viva Air, but the airline has presented an ...

LATAM Colombia Appeals Viva Air and Avianca Integration Approval

Pablo Díaz (diazpez)

On the last day that third parties interested in the integration process between Viva Air and Avianca could file appeal ...