Army Future Vertical Lift

Farewell to FARA: US Army’s reconnaissance helicopter program falls victim to the war in Ukraine

Gastón Dubois

The U.S. Army cancelled its FARA program, which was intended to develop a new manned reconnaissance and attack aircraft, basing ...

U.S. Army awards GE Aviation $5.1 million contract to advance hybrid electric engine technology

Andrés Poleri

The U.S. engine manufacturer recently announced that it will receive funding from the U.S. Army Research Laboratory to develop hybrid ...

El Ejército de Estados Unidos otorga a GE Aviation un contrato de USD 5,1 millones para avanzar en la tecnología de motores eléctricos híbridos

Andrés Poleri

GE Aviation anunció recientemente que recibirá financiamiento por parte del Laboratorio de Investigación del Ejército de Estados Unidos para desarrollar ...