Royal Netherlands Air Force

C-390 Millennium Austria Países Bajos

New Embraer C-390 Millennium for Europe: Netherlands and Austria acquire nine aircraft in joint purchase


  The Netherlands and Austria announce the joint purchase of nine new C-390 Millennium military transport aircrafts from Brazilian manufacturer ...

C-390 Embraer Rheinmetall

Embraer and Rheinmetall evaluate expansion of C-390 training network in Europe

Gastón Dubois

Embraer and Rheinmetall are evaluating options to expand the training network focused on the C-390 Millennium, considering the needs of ...

Nuevos sistemas de autoprotección para los helicópteros de Países Bajos.

New self-protection systems for Netherlands military helicopters

Gastón Dubois

The Dutch Ministry of Defense announced plans to reinforce the self-protection systems of three types of helicopters: the NH90, the ...


Netherlands authorized to purchase stealth cruise missiles for its F-35 fighter jets

Gastón Dubois

The US State Department has approved a possible military sale to the Government of the Netherlands of JASSM-ER extended-range, low ...

Nuevos F-16 de Países Bajos para Ucrania

Netherlands donates six more F-16 fighters to Ukraine, after sale to Draken fell apart

Gastón Dubois

The Hague and training services provider Draken International discontinued negotiations for the purchase of six retired Royal Netherlands Air Force ...

F-16 MLU Ucranianos

Netherlands began sending F-16 fighter jets to Romania to train Ukrainian pilots

Gastón Dubois

The first five aircraft of the Royal Netherlands Air Force are already on their way to Romania to start training ...

MQ-9A Reaper RNLAF

Netherlands doubles its order for GA-ASI MQ-9A Reaper drones

Gastón Dubois

The Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) will double the number of MQ-9A drones it will acquire, bringing the total order ...

MQ-9A Reaper RNLAF

Países Bajos duplica su pedido de drones MQ-9A Reaper de GA-ASI

Gastón Dubois

La Real Fuerza Aérea de los Países Bajos (RNLAF) duplicará el número de aviones no tripulados MQ-9A que adquirirá, con ...

H225M Caracal y NASAMS para Países Bajos

H225M Caracal helicopters and NASAMS air defense systems for The Netherlands

Gastón Dubois

The Netherlands will acquire 14 H225M Caracal helicopters for special operations and NASAMS systems for short and medium range air ...


Netherlands F-35 fighters intercepted three Russian aircraft near Poland

Gastón Dubois

Two Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) F-35 stealth fighters, which are deployed in Poland, intercepted a formation of three Russian ...

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