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Argentine Air Force A-4AR Fightinghawk Crashes During Training Exercise: What we Know

Redacción Aviacionline

On the evening of 15 July, for reasons under investigation, an A-4AR Fightinghawk fighter crashed during a night flight training ...

Bell 430 Armada Ecuatoriana accidente

Ecuadorian Navy Bell 430 helicopter crash: What we know

Gastón Dubois

A Bell 430 helicopter belonging to the Ecuadorian Navy suffered a serious accident and crashed, resulting in the death of ...

Il-76 MD

Russian Il-76 military transport plane crashed north of Moscow: What We Know

Gastón Dubois

A Russian Air Force Ilyushin Il-76 transport aircraft crashed north of Moscow, in the Ivanovo region, after an engine failed ...

Se estrelló un B-1B "Lancer"

B-1B “Lancer” strategic bomber crashes: What we know

Gastón Dubois

A U.S. Air Force Rockwell B-1B “Lancer” strategic bomber crashed on January 4, 20224, at 5:50 pm (local time) while ...

Airbus A330-300 China Eastern

Emergency landing due to uncontained engine failure on a China Eastern Airbus A330: What We Know

Pablo Díaz (diazpez)

On Sunday, December 3, a China Eastern Airbus A330-300 operating flight MU721 from Shanghai to Hong Kong had to declare ...

Ilyushin Il-76 cargo plane possibly tied to Wagner Group crashes in Mali: What we know

Pablo Díaz (diazpez)

A Russian Il-76 cargo plane crashed in proximity to Gao airport in northern Mali. The exact details of the crash ...

Crash Frecce Tricolori

Italian Aerobatic Team MB.339 Crashes in Turin: What We Know

Pablo Díaz (diazpez)

On Saturday afternoon, a Frecce Tricolori -Italy’s aerobatic team- Aermacchi MB.339 met a tragic fate shortly after takeoff from Caselle ...


Mexico Airport Shooting – Officer Injured, Suspect Arrested: What We Know

Pablo Díaz (diazpez)

Following a shooting incident at Terminal 1 of the Mexico City International Airport (AICM), the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) ...

PA-25 Pawnee crash gender reveal

Tragic Plane Crash During Gender Reveal in Mexico: What we Know

Redacción Aviacionline

In recent times, baby gender reveal events have transformed into a grand spectacle where parents go to great lengths to ...

Cessna T210N Centurion

Cessna T210N Centurion Crash in San Luis de Gaceno, Colombia: What We Know

Pablo Díaz (diazpez)

The Civil Aeronautics of Colombia has reported a tragic accident that occurred on Wednesday morning when a Cessna T210N aircraft, ...

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