An upgraded version of the Sukhoi Su-57 will go into production starting in 2025

Gastón Dubois

Su-57 furtivo

Sources in the Russian military-industrial complex have reportedly stated that an upgraded and modernized version of the Su-57 is to begin serial production as of 2025.

The modernization is part of the Megalopolis development program. According to TASS, among the main improvements of this “new Su-57” is the incorporation of the second stage engine, the Izdelie 30, and the renovation and upgrade of the cockpit, probably to unify as much as possible the production of the Su-57 with that of the S-75 Checkmate.

S-75 Checkmate cockpit

Recently, Russian media reported that work was underway on technologies to enable various functions of the Su-57 to be controlled by voice and sight. It is not known at this time whether the aircraft to be delivered starting in 2025 will have these capabilities.
The TASS informant also clarified that the modernization resulting from the Megapolis research and development project is designed for the single-seat Su-57 fighter.

Some time ago, the idea had been circulated that the Su-57 fighter will also be designed in a two-seat variant, first only for export, but then also to perform missions that may be too demanding for a single pilot, such as controlling a swarm of Okhotnik-B (or Hunter-B) combat drones.


When India was a partner in the Su-57 program, this two-seat variant was to be developed specifically to meet the requirements of the IAF (Indian Air Force), while the Russian side showed no interest in it.

The Russian Air Force’s (VVS) opinion may be changing about the need for a two-seat Su-57, due to the emergence of loyal wingman unmanned combat aircraft, which pilots will have to command and supervise, as well as control their own aircraft.


The Russian Aerospace Forces should receive 24 Su-57s by the end of 2024. Their number will increase to 76 by 2028, all single-seaters, as agreed in the purchase contract. Therefore, the upgrades of the current phase of the Megapolis program should reach at least 52 aircraft.


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