Spain invests €3 billion to modernize its Eurofighter fighter fleet

Gastón Dubois

Eurofighter España

Two loans were granted by the Spanish Ministry of Industry and Tourism to finance the Halcón program and the modernization of Eurofighter fighters from previous blocks.

The Council of Ministers approved two royal decrees that establish the regulatory rules for the granting of two loans to the Spanish Consortium for the Industrial Development of the Eurofighter Program, an Economic Interest Grouping, for the EF-2000 fighter aircraft program and for the Halcón program.

Proyecto Halcón Eurofighters

The first loan in the amount of EUR 1,750 million will be used to partially cover the costs and investments required to carry out the modernization, evolution and logistical support of the EF 2000 (III) aircraft, within the framework of the international Eurofighter program.

The second loan, amounting to EUR 1,397 million, will be used to partially cover the costs and investments required to carry out the Halcón program, which comprises the purchase of 20 new Eurofighter fighters (16 single-seat and 4 twin-seat) to replace the F-18s operated by the Spanish Air and Space Force in the Canary Islands. This program implies a new standard compared to the initial Eurofighter versions, involving development, qualification, certification and integration of new equipment to maintain the engineering capabilities of Airbus DS and ITP AERO and other Spanish companies.

Proyecto Halcón

According to the Minister of Industry and Tourism, Jordi Hereu, “for Spain it is key to prioritize the strengthening of the national defense industry and the development of a European industrial and technological base, as a guarantor of democracy and peace in the face of the geopolitical and security changes in which we find ourselves. We have already expressed our commitment to European projects with advanced technological requirements, which means making a governmental effort in four key activities: research, development and innovation; attracting talent; and training”.

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Both multi-year loans will be charged to the expenditure budgets of the Ministry of Industry and Tourism for the years 2023 to 2027.

Since 1996, the Ministry of Industry and Tourism has been collaborating with the Ministry of Defense in various industrial armament programs, including, for example, the Eurofighter aircraft, and other air, land and maritime programs.

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